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There's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to psychedelic healing. Find below a more in-depth description of my offerings and programs, and how can they be adjusted just for you.

Psychedelic Sessions for Women

This offering is for you if:

- You 
are looking to have a psychedelic session in a legal, safe and supported way

- You are a woman committed to your self-growth and unlocking your full potential

- You feel the call to do inner work with psychedelics but don't know where to start and don't want to do this alone

Session Costs: 800 

Includes full-day session, with truffles, meditation and breathwork. 

Price incl. VAT, one preparation & integration sessions.

Image by Lidiya Pavlikova

Psilocybin and Its Legality in The Netherlands

Did you know that the Netherlands is one of the most psychedelic-friendly environments in Europe? Obtaining Psilocybin, salvia, San Pedro, Blue Lotus, and other similar psychedelics from smartshops is common in our country.


Psilocybin mushrooms and psilocybin truffles are similar in nature and have the same active compounds, which are psilocin, baeocystin, and psilocybin. The difference, however, is how they are produced. While mushrooms grow out fully, truffles usually grow underground, forming root-like structures. Truffles are legal in the Netherlands, which allows us to provide safe guided sessions and ceremonies with this plant medicine.


Deep Dive Into The Self

An 8-week program to fully support you during preparation, session and integration of your journey

This journey begins where you are right now and helps you move forward to where you want to be. Together, we will examine particular facets of your life, such as your work, relationships, and various parts of your personal life, in an interactive process. The goal of this Deep Dive is to assist you to grow more self-awareness, developing emotional intelligence, and nervous system regulation, and finding your sense of meaning and purpose in life.

An intentional psychedelic experience can be a huge catalyst for life changes. Such experiences have the power to disrupt our reality and connect us deeper with ourselves. That's why I will be there for you during the entire process. 

What's Included In This Program?


  • 30 min exploration call

  • Individual health screening questionnaire


Preparation - Dive in

  • Preparation support sessions (4 sessions of 45min - 1hr/each)

A session for me to gain a deeper awareness of your childhood upbringing and life history. In this session, we can discuss any sort of limiting belief you might have, trauma, negative behaviour patterns, attachment styles or any current concern that feels heavier on the heart. We will also go over your hetalh/medical screening.

  • COST (Curiosity, Openness, Surrender & Trust)

The final session prior to the journey will approach the main tools that you can use to empower yourself during the psychedelic experience. The session will also be used to discuss how the journey day will look like as well as open the space for questions or any doubts left about going into the psychedelic journey. 

  • Holistic Model for a Balanced Life 

In this session, we will check which aspects of your life feel out of alignment, and in what areas you feel there is a sense of lack or meaning. The goal of this session is to empower you in understanding where you are and what’s blocking you from moving forward. 

  • Intention Setting

In this session, we will dive deeper into your intentions for your journey. Together, we will explore desired outcomes, do an expectation management check and discuss what extra tools you can use to get the most out of the experience (breathwork, journaling, etc)​

Curated Truffle Experience - Soul Quest

  • Private and legal truffle experience (full day - from 10 am or earlier) at your chosen location

  • 1:1 sessions (2:1 sessions upon request (with 2 facilitators))

  • Medium to High-dose experience (truffles are not provided)

Together we will define what is the right dosage for your journey. 

  • Guided meditation and breathing exercises

  • Personalized music set

  • A speaker and (optional) blindfolds


Integration - Back to the shore

  • Integration support sessions (1 hr or 2 sessions of 30min/each)

The integration sessions will vary according to your needs and what came up during your journey. Space and time are part of this process. Most sessions consist of a combination of:

- Opening of space and meditation to get in touch with your own sensations. In this first contact, you can express all your doubts or needs so that the process adapts to your needs and expectations at all times. I also by then establish the tools that we will use for the integration process.

- No-mind exercises. The tools can be very varied: they can include bodywork, artistic creation exercises, and automatic writing.

- Discourse. Finally, the psychedelic experience is put into words and set out based on the challenges or learnings that have arisen. Some people navigate their experience by recalling their visions, while others analyze the thoughts, patterns, or emotions they have noticed

- Heart intelligence and relational healing - how to talk to family and close ones about your experience

  • Integration workbook



  • More preparation and additional integration sessions can be booked according to your needs.

  • One-on-one coaching sessions will take place online via video, or in person (extra costs can apply, depending on the location). 

  • For an extra cost, a microdosing integration session can be booked.

  • Extra private support sessions: 80 euros/hour

  • Extra travel costs not included

Price Solo Diver: 1200 €

Includes a total of 6 one-on-one preparation, integration sessions and one private day session.

Price incl. VAT

Price Group Dive: 2400 €

Includes group preparation, integration and a private day session with 2 female facilitators.

Price incl. VAT

How have psychedelic sessions changed my life?

Intentional work with psychedelics and private sessions alongside group ceremonies and retreats have had a huge impact on my healing journey. Solo sessions with guidance have empowered me to trust more in myself and my body's innate wisdom and capacity to heal. Group ceremonies have shown me that healing happens in relationship and that we don't have to do all the work alone. Being held and supported by women in such ceremonies was a significant piece for the beginning of the healing of my Mother Wound and deepening of the sisterhood bond.

Individual or Group Support For Preparation & Integration 

A curated program to fully support you during the preparation and integration of your journey

My individual and group support programs are for women who are ready to own and consciously control the trajectory of their lives. Whether you’re wanting to improve your relationships by settling the incessant chatter in your head, starting your own passion project, outright leaving your job, or moving countries, we will work with your intention to prepare you in the best possible way for your psychedelic experience.


What's Included In This Program?


  • 30 min exploration call

  • Individual health screening questionnaire


Preparation - Dive in

  • Preparation support sessions (4 sessions of 30min-45min/each | For groups: up to 1 1/2 hr)

Integration - Back to the shore

  • Integration support sessions (1 hr or 2 sessions of 30min/each | For groups: up to 1 1/2 hr)

  • Integration workbook



  • More preparation and additional integration sessions can be booked according to your needs.

  • One-on-one support sessions will take place online via video

  • Extra private support sessions: 80 euros/hour

Individual Price: 600 € 

Includes 6 sessions of one-on-one support for preparation and integration.

Price incl. VAT

Price for the Group: 800 €

Includes group support for preparation and integration.

Price incl. VAT


Microdosing Support

A 6 to 8-week program for you to be fully supported during your microdosing journey

Are you interested in starting your microdosing journey, but feeling uncertain, unprepared, or simply having no clue where to start? I’m here to help you. I offer a free 20-minute, one-on-one exploration call so we can get to know each other and evaluate if microdosing is the right tool for you and what kind of support you need in this journey.

If we choose to work together, during a five to ten-week microdosing cycle, you'll receive from me three to six personalized sessions, each lasting up to one hour. I'll provide you with guidance, advice, and support to help you dive deeper into the process and integrate the microdosing experience. 

Individual Price: 500 € 

Includes one-on-one support for 6 weeks.

Price incl. VAT

Price for the Group: 700 €

Includes group support for 6 weeks.

Price incl. VAT

Taking time and space for an intentional period of microdosing has impacted me in unexpected ways. The process of paying attention to the details, tracking my experience, and taking daily time for ritual and self-care has helped me observe what was missing in my daily routine. Having a microdosing practice taught me how to slow down, take time for rest and play, and most importantly, connect with myself and my body. By having my microdosing regimen supported by a coach it was easy for me to see how I was transforming from week to week and how to overcome blockages that I previously struggled with.

How has microdosing changed my life?

Are a BIPOC woman, LGBTQ+ or someone who has limited financial resources but would like to find a way of working together with me?

Please send me a direct email to

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