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Meet Me & My Why 

Hi there, my name is Jessika and I am a storyteller, adventure seeker and Earth keeper. Originally from Brazil, I have been working in the Netherlands as a psychedelic-assisted medicine facilitator and integration coach for the past three years, with psilocybin-cointaning truffles, which are legal in the country. I am also an educator in the psychedelic space, having co-founded the platform Women On Psychedelics, a space to empower women through their healing and self-liberation journeys - and also to destigmatize women’s mental health and drug use.

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My Story

drawing of a woman's back

I have solo traveled to more than 30 countries and have lived in 4 different ones in the past 10 years of my life. Quite often I also found myself transitioning from one career path to another until I finally found my soul's purpose in psychedelic work. These years were an ongoing journey of self-discovery and reinviting myself. And also the roots of a deeper inner work that informed me to offer the services I do today.
My grandparents raised me after I lost both of my parents at a young age. My father died when I was nine years old of pneumonia caused by HIV, and my mother, who was always a non-consistent presence, died as a consequence of her relationship with drug addiction ten years after that. I guess through these life experiences, I understood at a young age how stigmatization and ignorance can negatively impact people's lives.

By the time I was 30 years old, after experiencing the loss of almost all my family members, I had to face my own anxieties of feeling abandoned and alone. Despite going through grief processes more frequently than anyone I know, I discovered that they are never straightforward and have no single formula for how to be navigated. 
One fact is that overcoming this kind of pain taught me a lot about who I am. Today, I see many parallels between this journey and psychedelic ones, and I can see how much my emotionally challenging experiences have shaped my work and views of the world and our place in it.


Reinventing Myself

There was a lot of love in my home but that love was conditional, often associated with control and a series of emotional and physical abuse. These circumstances really had an impact on how I viewed myself as a woman, my self-worth, and how I showed myself to the world. That put me in a cycle of seeking unhealthy romantic relationships that would recreate my childhood home environment. 
At the end of my 20s, after leaving a toxic relationship that entirely distorted my self-perception, I was experiencing deep depression and anxiety. That was then the time when I initially started intentionally using psychedelics to aid in my personal healing journey. 
Back then, psychedelics were a significant tool for assisting me in re-establishing a connection with a new version of myself. But for that rebirth to happen, a previous version of myself had to die first: the Jessika who felt powerless constantly sought approval from others, and who kept herself in check.
Today, in order to support others on their journeys to rediscover their true selves, I use the power of my own inner work, the events of my life, and my substantial practical and academic knowledge of psychedelics.

drawing of a woman
drawing of a woman's face

Empowering Women

My work with other women started coming from a need to heal my sisterhood and mother wound. The more I work with women, the more I can empower other women - the more I feel empowered myself. I believe collaboration and uplifting each other's voices and owning our stories can really change the way we walk through life. And doing this together with the women of my life, with clients and my teachers showed me how we all hold so much power - we just need to remember how to tap into it without feeling we are too much or not good enough.

If you resonate with my story and would like to step into this journey of unlocking your full potential, take a look at my offerings.

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