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In the past three years, I've had the privilege of leading four transformative retreats in the Netherlands, and one in Spain, which have deeply enriched my experience as a psychedelic facilitator. During these retreats, my role was to craft the entire program and serve as a lead facilitator.

One of these retreats was the Psychedelic Therapy & Integration Vital Training by Psychedelics Today. It was an extraordinary opportunity for aspiring facilitators to immerse themselves in the world of psilocybin, not only as participants but also as trainee facilitators. We fostered a nurturing environment where they could learn to hold space for each other.

The second retreat I co-hosted had a profound purpose: to support Dutch war veterans in a study on the healing potential of psilocybin truffles for PTSD and trauma. Besides that, in 2023 I led two women-only retreats in collaboration with the Women On Psychedelics team and Dr. 1Drea Pennington, and a retreat for Visionary Leadership focused on entrepreneurs and leaders.

These invaluable retreat experiences have equipped me with the skill of creating secure and tailored spaces for diverse groups. They've also reinforced the vital importance of being trauma-informed in my role as a psychedelic facilitator. If you're seeking a facilitator with a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances of these experiences, I'm here to guide you.

photo of the Vital retreat group


Photo of ceremonial space
Photo of ceremony's altar

Alongside two other incredible female facilitators, I co-create women-only ceremonies in Amsterdam. Most of these ceremonies are held as an offer from our educational platform Women On Psychedelics. The goal is to offer ceremonies that are affordable for women who cannot pay to attend a retreat but still want to experience the healing power of plant medicine in a fully supported setting.


Our ceremonies happen once every season and are created according to what each of the yearly seasons represents. Now we are also opening offers for private group ceremonies and those can be booked directly with me or via WOOP's website. The ceremonies include sound healing and voice work, with the focus of guiding women to explore the trust in the power of their voices.


A women’s ceremony is a sacred ritual. It is a space where you can share, listen, and learn without judgment. In a ceremony, everyone is equal. It becomes a safe space where you can experience whatever is heavier on the heart and the deeper yearnings that come from your soul. It is a space where we lift each other up, where we hold each other safe, and where we get to tap into our naturally gifted intuition and knowing. It allows us to follow our internal nudges to find what we need to heal, grow, and expand.

Check below the date of our next ceremony or book an exploration call with me if you are interested in a private ceremony with friends.


I've joined several conversations with amazing people working in the psychedelic space in the past years. Here you can check some of those and hear more about my work as a facilitator, educator and my perspectives on psychedelic use. Hope you enjoy these conversations!

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I've been working as a writer and educator in the psychedelic space for the past 3 years. From topics related to women's mental health, body image to bringing awareness to climate change and the importance of giving back to the indigenous communities, my articles were featured in platforms such as Psychedelics Today, Psychedelic Spotlight and more. I have also been listed among young women working to create a more inclusive psychedelic space and end the drug war.

Here are some of my articles and mentions

Want to Collaborate With Me?

Feel free to reach out! I'm currently open to a range of collaborations in 2024: 


- Would you like me to work as a facilitator or co-host in your retreat? Let's explore this possibility over a call!

- Guest/Speaker on your webinar, podcast, online event, or conference

- Freelance blog writer for your psychedelic platform

- Other forms of partnerships that are aligned with my mission

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