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za 25 mei



(FULL) Healing Harmony

A truffle Ceremony & Sound Journey in Amsterdam, for all genders

Registration is closed
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(FULL) Healing Harmony
(FULL) Healing Harmony

Time & Location

25 mei 2024, 10:00 – 18:00

Amsterdam, Gein, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the event

Curious about experiencing the power of psilocybin in a legal, safe and supported setting? Healing Harmony is our 1-day psilocybin ceremony and sound journey in Amsterdam just for you – in a nurturing environment where your healing and self-discovery journey can unfold.

Healing Harmony is a one-day immersive experience for men and women alike to delve into the profound wisdom offered by plant medicines and the power of our voices. In the interconnectedness of the mycelium network, we discover the threads that weave us all together. This ceremony serves as a nurturing ground and a balanced terrain for growth and understanding to flourish.

Just as the mycelium networks weave beneath the Earth, connecting trees and creating a web of life that supports the natural world, your journey isn’t meant to be walked alone. As humans, we are hardwired for connection, but in order to repair the connection that was lost, interrupted or violated in our past, we need safe and supportive spaces to be seen, heard and held in. Spaces for reflection, revival, and transformation.

During Healing Harmony, you will be part of an intimate group of humans on a similar journey. Experience the power of psilocybin truffles in a welcoming and balanced setting. Tap into the collective conscious, engage the senses and enroot yourself within the beauty of a serene natural location in Amsterdam.

This ceremony is for you if you are looking to:

  • Reconnect with your inner Self, and unite your divine feminine and divine masculine
  • Discover insights, deepen self-awareness, and nurture your emotional health
  • Recognise and relinquish patterns that no longer serve you
  • Embrace the expressive freedom that defines our humanity
  • Foster a sense of compassion, self-love, and acceptance in togetherness

This ceremony is open to all humans seeking a safe, supportive, and meaningful space for their psilocybin journey. It is suitable for beginners or more experienced folks.

Join us at Healing Harmony, 25th of May, in Amsterdam for this collective journey. Limited spaces, please fill in the registration form to apply and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

EUR 300 (early bird price until 10 May)

EUR 380 (Regular price)

What’s Included in this Journey?

Preparation & Integration: Engage in preparation and integration calls, and access our psychoeducational resources.

Guided Psilocybin Session: Connect with yourself on a deeper level through a safe and supportive psilocybin experience.

Experienced Guides: Our knowledgeable facilitators will ensure you feel comfortable and supported throughout your journey.

Sound Healing & Om Choir: Sound and music are integral to psychedelic rituals across cultures, with the healing vibrations allowing for deep healing and transformation.

The facilitators are Jessika Lagarde and Tian Daphne, co-founders of WOOP. They will help you prepare beforehand, support you through the ceremony, and help you integrate your experience after. The medicine provided is legally obtained from a reputable truffle farm in the Netherlands. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.


10:00 Welcome & registration

11:15 Meeting your facilitators

11:30 Introduction and intention setting

12:00 Truffles ceremony

Guided experience with sound healing & voice work

16:00 Closing circle

17:00 End of the day, Departure

Facilitator Bios

Jessika Lagarde is a psychedelic-assisted medicine facilitator and integration coach, Women On Psychedelics' co-founder, and educator in the psychedelic space. Jessika is an experienced facilitator and works with folks growing through life transitions and offers legal and supported private and group psilocybin sessions in Amsterdam.

Tian Daphne is a sound healer, facilitator, writer, and co-founder of Women On Psychedelics. Serendipitous encounters brought her into the incredible world of fungi and plant medicines, initiating a journey of discovery, learning, and deep healing. She works with the voice to bring about self-love and acceptance.

Refund policy

Our refund policy is as follows:

  • 100% refund minus €10 fees 2 weeks before the event
  • 50% refund minus €10 fees 3 weeks before the event

Here’s what others have to say

“It was a wonderful and magical experience for me. Together with my mom I went on this journey and ended up having great insights and feeling connected with the universe. I felt safe and supported being guided by your presence, practices, beautiful voices, sounds and music. It’s an experience I will never forget. Grateful!” - Anja (41 years old)

“I attended the Bloom ceremony out of curiosity. I had never experienced psychedelics in a group setting before and felt the facilitators did an excellent job of providing all the essential information before the ceremony, guidance during the ceremony and grounding after the ceremony. I can definitely recommend this day retreat for women who want to explore psychedelics in a safe environment. Thank you to the facilitators and women who joined, I had a really special day!” - anonymous

“Jess is amazing - very knowledgeable, she answered all the questions about dosage and usage of truffles. Wei Ting’s voice in the ceremony was so vital - she guided the meditation and therapy part amazingly. Tian has great energy, she was able to make me feel so comfortable with using my voice. I am still reflecting on many things - but I noticed the limitations I put on myself, and the power and wisdom I have within me and my ancestors. It was so powerful in many ways.” - anon

“It was a great experience for me, very emotional and powerful, I want to express my gratitude to the facilitators and their contributions to the experience and thank them for the opportunity to take part in this.” - anon

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