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Transformative Psychedelic Support for Women

Providing You With Tools for Navigating the Healing Journey

1:1 coaching & sessions • Women's Circles • Psychedelic Retreats • Ceremonies • Shadow Work


Psychedelic Sessions for Women


Feeling Stuck or Lost?

Seeking a Safe, Legal, and Supported Psychedelic Experience?

Embark on a deeply transformative journey with my one-on-one and group preparation, integration, and psychedelic sessions. Tailored for women experiencing pivotal life moments such as grief, career shifts, relationship transitions, motherhood, or relocations, these sessions are your compass to navigate change.

In the serene and welcoming landscape of the Netherlands, I'll guide you through an exploration of your inner world using the power of psilocybin truffles, a legal plant medicine. Together, we co-create a safe, nurturing, and gentle space for your personal evolution.

Ready to unlock your inner potential and embrace a new chapter in your life? Contact me today to begin your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Envision a world where every woman confidently harnesses the strength of her voice, unwaveringly trusts her intuition, and taps into her innate body wisdom. My purpose is to be your guiding light on a profound journey towards intentional living – one aligned with your core values and the essence of your true self.

When we make choices grounded in our beliefs and authenticity, it creates a ripple effect, touching the lives of everyone around us.

In the sessions leading up to your transformative journey, I will assist you in clarifying your purpose, gaining deeper insights into your current life stage, and together, we will cultivate a full-bodied integration of your experience. This is how you'll step into your divine, empowered self.

If you're ready to embark on the next empowering chapter of your life, explore my offerings today and take that first step toward your own personal transformation.

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Hey there!
I'm Jessika Lagarde

I'm a trauma-informed plant medicine facilitator, writer and educator, currently studying Compassionate Inquiry. I'm passionate about our natural world and helping women like you reclaim their power.
In 2020 I co-founded the platform Women On Psychedelics, a space for women to share their voices and feel empowered in their journeys toward healing and self-liberation. And this is just the beginning.

You can find me collaborating with

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Exploration Call

Most of my clients are in a space where they'd like to focus on a certain or few areas of their lives and just need additional support. I've been there too many times in the past years and I am grateful for always having had the support of women teachers, guides, and mentors that helped me navigate life's transition. 

Does that resonate with you and you would like to learn more? Book a call with me!

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My individual and group programs are for the woman who is ready to own and consciously control the trajectory of her life. Thinking about all the challenges and insecurities life transitions can bring, I've created a variety of different offerings to match your needs.


Deep Dive Into The Self

An 8-week program, with full preparation and integration support and session


Individual or Group Support

Full support on preparation and integration of your psychedelic experiences


Microdosing Support

6 to 8-week programs to fully support you during your microdosing journey



“Jess' youth and passion were
lovely and she is a beautiful grounded human with a twinkle of light humour.


At the end of my session, I really just reveled in the pure warmth and ordinariness of myself. I felt strong. Very, very alive."


"Jess is very kind, understanding, and communicative. She has a lot of knowledge of psychedelics and shares that with love and compassion.

I’ve done a ceremony in a private setting and in a group setting with her. She has a great balance in comforting when needed but also confronting personal issues and reflecting on those from a different perspective, which helped me unravel deeper layers of my personal history."


"I had my first experience with psychedelics guided by Jessika. I've never thought that I could dive so deep and face traumas that I had covered for so many years. It's a journey of healing and finding myself again.


Jess counts on years of experience, and she has taught me that I don't need to do it alone. It's definitely one of the most beautiful experiences that I have ever had."


Group Ceremonies


A women’s ceremony is a sacred ritual. It is a space where you can share, listen, and learn without judgment. In a ceremony, everyone is equal. It becomes a safe space where you can experience whatever is heavier on the heart and the deeper yearnings that come from your soul.

A women’s ceremony is a space where you can be vulnerable and sit with your deepest fears, longings, and hopes. There is no advice given, no suggestions, or attempts to fix another or rescue her from what she is moving through during a ceremony. We simply gather to witness, to hear, to hold space.


Book your private group ceremony today or learn more about the women-only ceremonies I host in Amsterdam as a collaboration with Women On Psychedelics

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Are you a BIPOC woman, LGBTQ+, or someone who has limited financial resources but would like to find a way of working together with me?

Please send me a direct email to

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